Cardiff, Wales - I love you. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to study in this beautiful city. I will miss the castle, the giant Bute Park, the delicious Tea Houses', the way the streets looked after it rained, Cardiff Metropolitan University School of Art and Design (CSAD), and, of course, all the beautiful friends I made there. 

St. Mary's Street was my favorite.

Cardiff School of Art and Design.

There is art everywhere in Cardiff

At the Bay with my BFF Ben. 

Pettigrew Tea House in Bute Park.

Cardiff is so unique. Is Welsh Cardiff is "Caerdydd" kinda sounds like Kai-er-deedth.

Cardiff Castle at Christmas time. 

Just chillin in Bute Park with my spirit animal (otter).

I met Elvis at Cardiff Market.

Hiked all the way up Pen y Fan! (Nothing compared to Utah Mountains difficulty-wise, but just as gorgeous.)

Cheers Cardiff, until next time. 


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