I was lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving with my friend Elise in the Netherlands this year! She is an Au Pair for a nice Dutch family, and she is actually  a big reason I decided to study abroad! She went on a study abroad last year to Spain and loved it, so I applied for the same scholarship she did and was accepted to Cardiff Met! 
We were able to make an amazing Thanksgiving dinner for the family and everyone enjoyed it and liked learning about our American tradition. 
I also got to visit Rotterdam, which has stunning architecture! And I got to experience how people bike and ride public transportation literally everywhere, which is freaking cool. Then went to the beautiful and unique city of Amsterdam! I had a great time making new Dutch friends and seeing where the original Van Orman's are from! (My last name was originally "Van Arnhem" which means "from Arnhem"–a city in the Netherlands.)


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